Today is National Respect Your Cat Day! Do We Go To Far With That?

Today is National Respect Your Cat Day!  But maybe we don't need a holiday to remind us to respect our cats.  According to a new survey of cat owners, we might just respect them a little TOO MUCH already.  Check this out . . .

1.  64% say they'd rather spend a quiet night alone with their cat than their significant other.

2.  37% say their cat "gets them" better than most of their actual human friends . . . and 40% would rather spend time with their cat than those friends.

3.  80% think they understand their cat just from its different meows.

4.  And one in five use their cat as an excuse to get out of doing things. 

I can honestly say that I love my kitty, Jackson, but I would pick a nice quiet night with my sweetie first always!  I do think that Jackson understands me pretty well, and he is very smart too.  He knows when I don't feel well, and he knew when I was going away too.  I could tell by the way he was acting.  However, I don't think he gets me better than my best friends.  I do think that he has different meows for different things, and I've never ever used him as an excuse to get out of something.   So do you respect your cat?  How much and how far do you go for your furry baby?   Will you celebrate the day?  Jackson will get an extra special treat, I know that!

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