WooHoo! Today is Baseball's Opening Day!!! Go Yankees!!!

It may be rainy in the Capital District today, but it's going to be sunny in a lot of baseball parks and stadiums as today is opening day of baseball season!!  And all 30 teams are set to play (though the Washington Nationals game has already been called due to weather).  I, myself am a big Yankee fan so I'm looking forward to watching some of the game this afternoon.  They're playing in Toronto against the Blue Jays and the game goes off at 3:37.  If you're a Met's fan, the game starts at 1:10 and they're playing the Cardinals at home in Citi Field.  And for the Red Sox fans, they're taking on the Tampa Bay Rays at 4pm in Tampa.  I just love baseball season!!  I am all in!  Can't you just feel Spring in the air!!  Will you be watching some baseball this afternoon?


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