Would You Want to See A Reboot Of "The Office?"

With so many shows from the past coming back as reboots or revivals, it's no wonder that there's talk of bringing back another great show from back in the day.   This time, it's The Office.  And this time, it's coming from one of the stars of the show.  John Krasinski, who starred as Jim on the show, has said several times in the past week that he is all in for a reboot of the show.  But there's one thing he wants to do differently than the Roseanne and Will & Grace revivals.  He would like the reboot to just be a "one-ff" Christmas special.  He understand why having the whole cast come back might be a step backwards since they all wouldn't still be working in the same office together.  But he thinks doing a Christmas special showing where everyone is now would be perfect.  And I agree with him.  I would love to see what Michael Scott is doing, and where Jim and Pam are in their relationship as parents to teenagers.  And what about Dwight and Angela, and Andy and Erin.  and Ryan and Kelly.   Yeah, I would definitely be all in.  Jenna Fischer who played Pam has already said she would do it.  Now we just need the rest of the gang to jump in and it would be a go.  I would definitely watch that.  What about you?  Is this a reboot you can get behind?   Let me know what you think!


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