Social Dilemma-If You Find Money Near A Store, Is it Stealing to Keep It?

Today's Social dilemma came about after a conversation we had at dinner yesterday about finding money.  It was interesting to hear different people's takes on the same situation.  So here's the thing...a friend of mine who was at dinner found money in the parking lot of a department store last week.   She found seven dollars kind of folded up in the parking lot.  She thought it was her lucky day and put the money in her pocket and that was that.  I said that I would have gone into the store and gave it to the customer service desk in case anyone came in looking for their lost cash.  She said she would do that if it was more than 20 dollars but under twenty it was a "finders keepers' situation in her mind.  Well of course we asked everyone at dinner what they thought and I was surprised that most people felt the same way my friend did.  Out of 13 people, only four agreed with me about going inside to hand it in.  Don't get me wrong, if I found money just on the street, then I would keep it, but when I know it could be given back to the original owner, then I would have to at least try.   So what about you?  If you find money in the parking lot of a store, do you just keep it, or do you bring it in to customer service?  And is it stealing if you do keep it?  Let me know what you think at the 98-3 TRY Facebook page!


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