Social Dilemma-Is It Okay To Quit a Job Via Text Message?

Today's social dilemma is coming from a phone call I got from my niece who lives in South Carolina.  She's having a bit of trouble quitting her job and asked for my advice.  So in turn, I'm asking for your advice.   Here's her story.   My niece is currently working a job at a small family business.  She's been working there for about the last nine months while looking for a job in her field which is Marketing.  So a few weeks ago, she found a perfect job in her field.  It doesn't start until May 1st.  So two weeks ago, she tried to put in her two week notice.  However, her boss kind of deflected her and said, “You can’t quit now, can you just wait a few more weeks?”  My niece felt bad and thought well, the job doesn't start till May 1st so I have some time.  So she stayed for the two weeks and then tried to have the conversation again, and again, her boss did the same thing.   Every time she brings up that she has to leave, her boss kind of leaves her hanging.  Now since she's starting a new job on May 1st, she planned a vacation for the third week in April so then she could come back and start doing research and get herself ready for work.  She needs to let this woman know that she will be out of there in less than two weeks now, but since the woman hasn't been listening, my niece was asking me if it was okay to send her a nice text message resigning, telling her how much she appreciated the job but it was just time for her to move on. Her question was, Is it okay to quit via text message after how she’s reacted to trying to do it in person?   I feel like this is a tough one Clearly the woman doesn't want my niece to leave, but she has to, that's the bottom line.  I told her I didn't think a text was the way to go, but maybe a nice hand written letter.   Of course since my niece is 22 she thought I was crazy, but I told her a handwritten or typed letter was still the way to go instead of a text.  She said I was being too old school.  So I told her I would ask you, and she's going to listen to our collective advice.  So help me out here.  What should my niece do and how should she handle it.  She doesn't want to just walk out on the woman, but time is running out.  So what do you think.  Let me know on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.


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