The New Season of Dancing WIth the Stars Will Be All Athletes!

The new season of Dancing with the Stars is gearing up, and I'm ready for it.  Are you?  The thing that's going to be different about this season is that the "stars" are going to be all athletes.  No celebrities, no actors, no reality show stars....all athletes.  And I'm all in for it because we already know three of the athletes that are coming on.  First up, it's Adam RIppon, the figure skating Olympic medalist who I fell in love with during the Olympics.   I will be cheering for him all the way.  Next up is Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson...she's amazing, and I'll be rooting for her too.  And who else will be on.  Well, it's someone who has found a little bit of newfound fame thanks to the movie I, Tonya.  And well, I think by watching that movie, we all found out that the truth we thought was real, was probably not real.  It's Tonya Harding!   I think Dancing with the Stars is off to a good start.  The rest of the cast will be announced tomorrow morning on Good Morning America!  I can't wait to see who else will be competing.  Are you in for this, or will you pass.  Let me know!


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