Today's Not Thursday, It's "JerzDay" In Honor of the Jersey Shore Reboot!

We talk about TV show reboots and revivals all the time.  Tonight, another TV show is returning.   This show hasn't been gone all that long, but MTV has seen fit to bring it back to us.   What is it you ask?  It's Jersey Shore!  The new show, called Jersey Shore Family Vacation takes place in Miami with seven of the original eight cast members (Sammi is the only one missing).   I admit that Jersey Shore was a guilty pleasure for me when it first came on in 2009.  Heck J-Woww's dad lives in East Greenbush.  So will I check it out tonight.  I probably will just for nostalgia's sake.  What about you?  Are you at all interested?  They're promoting the heck out of it by calling today Jerzday instead of Thursday on MTV.  What do you think?  Too soon, or perfect timing?  Let me know.


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