Social Dilemma - Do You Still Have a Wall Calendar and DVD's In Your House?

I think this is just crazy.  I told you earlier that I went to the movies over the weekend and I went with some friends.  They came over the house after the movie to hang out and play cards.  Anyway, apparently there is a meme going around on facebook (pictured below) that says that nobody has these things in their home anymore.  Two of the things on the list of five is DVD's and Wall calendars.  I have both.  In my living room, I have a bookcase that goes from floor to ceiling full of DVD's.  And in my little area off my kitchen, I have my wall calendar that someone makes for me every year.  And I love it.   Well, you would have thought that I was a hundred years old.  I said I thought the meme was silly.  (The other three things on there were CD's-yep I have them, file cabinets, yep I have one, and take out menus-okay I don't have any of those).  But when did it become wrong to have these things.  I know you can get all the info on your phone, but sometime I like the info in front of me.  And as far as DVD's go, I've been buying them for years, am I supposed to just throw them out.   So I said they were the ones who should be mocked for not having these things in their home.  So I told them I would be presenting it to you this morning.  So here it is.   Is it weird to have DVD's and wall calendars in your home, or is it perfectly normal.  Help me out.  And I can take the hit if you side with them.   Let me know on the TRY Facebook page!


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