Social Dilemma-Are You Comfortable Being Au Natural In the Locker Room?

Today's social dilemma came from an email from Heather.  I thought it was interesting because I have changed how I feel about this over the years.  This is her email.  Hi Jaime.  I have a social dilemma question for you.  I work out at a local gym and I love it.  It's really helping me get in shape and feel better about myself.  But there's one thing I hate about it.  The locker room.  Whenever I go into the locker room to change, there are some women who are getting undressed to take a shower and walk around completely naked.  They are not covering up at all.  They go to the shower and then come out, sometimes, they even wait to put the towel around them.  It makes me so uncomfortable.  I know there's nothing I can do about it, but I was wondering how everyone else felt about it.  Even when I change in the locker room, I'm always covering up, but some others just let it all hang out.  Do you think that's okay, or do you think they should cover up.   I hope you use this for your social dilemma because I can't wait to hear what others think.  Thanks so much Jaime.  Love hearing you in the morning - Heather.

Well, this is interesting because when I was younger, I used to feel like Heather.  I wished everyone would just cover up and I didn't understand why some people felt the need to be completely in the buff.  But as I've gotten older, I understand it now.  Because now I, who cares.  You want to walk around au naturel go for it.  While I don't do that, let's just say I'm not as shy as I used to be in the ladies locker room.  We all have the same parts so it doesn't bother me so much.  Let's help Heather out.  What do you think.  Are you comfortable in your birthday suit in the locker room or do you think everyone should cover up.  Let me know on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.  


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