Social Dilemma-If A Company Gives You Something Free, Do You Take It?

Okay today's social dilemma is currently going on with me and I want to know what you think, because I'm fearful of bad karma.  You'll understand what I mean in a minute.  You see, I ordered some custom pillows from a company that takes pictures of your pets and turns them into pillows.  They're so cool, and I really wanted one of my dog Leo and my cat Jackson.  So I ordered them about five weeks ago.  They promised that they would be mailed within 5-7 business days, which means, I should have gotten them within two to two and a half weeks.  Well, time goes by and I'm tracking the package, but it never even gets close to my house.  Then one day it says it's going to be delivered by April 6th.  Cool. April 6th comes and goes and nothing.  Long story short, I finally get one of the pillows, the Leo one, on April 9th, but no Jackson pillow.  Now I'm getting upset.  What happened to the other pillow.  This is waaay past the time it's supposed to have come, etc.  So I send the company an email.  They immediately get back to me apologizing with a code to get another pillow.  Well, this has been a crazy week and I didn't get a chance to do it yet.   Well, today, I go to walk out my door to come to work and what's sitting on the porch, but a package with the Jackson pillow in it.  The pillow appears to be in good shape.  But here's my question.  Do I still use the code for the free pillow, or do I forget about that because I did finally get my second pillow.  Was the code for a replacement or as an apology for the late delivery.  I have gotten all kinds of different answers from people here at work, but I'm curious what you think.  I think it would be bad karma to use the free code.  Others say they gave it to me because the pillow was so late so I should definitely use it.   What would you do?  Seriously.  I want to do the right thing.   Let me know what you think on the TRY Facebook page!


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