Social Dilemma - Would You Have Said Something To This Guy?

I went to Summer, the Donna Summer Musical in NYC over the weekend.  The guy behind me had his foot against the back of my chair forever. When he'd move, he'd kick my chair a bit. So I did what any good New Yorker does; I turned around and glared at him.  He stopped for a while, but started up again. So I turned around and glared again for a longer time. That was it.   My friends who I went to the show with think the whole passive-aggressive approach was the wrong way to go.  But I didn't want to have to say something because I shouldn't have to.  Plus I didn't want to interrupt the show for everyone else. Do you think I should I have gotten one of the older ushers to help out? (There is no way I was going to do that).   How would you have handled this?   Ultimately, for the last two songs of the show, everyone got up and danced anyway but I was ticked off during the show.  Would you have said something, would you have done what I did, would you have called over an usher, or just left it alone.   I think I did the right thing.  What do you think.


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