Am I the Last Person to Know About GrubHub?

Okay, I feel like my eyes have been opened for the first time!  I recently learned about Grub Hub!  This is the greatest thing ever!!!  I need to know.....have you been using Grub Hub?  Am I the last one on the GrubHub train?   My niece told me about it a few months ago but I guess I wasn't really paying attention.  But over the weekend, I gave it a try for the first time, and voila! Food was at my door.  This is amazing.  It's so simple.  You download the GrubHub app for free.  You type in your address and then a list of restaurants come up that will deliver to your home.  Your order, punch in your credit card and again, voila!  Your food gets to you within 45 minutes!!  I'm the biggest fan ever of this now!!!!!  Have you tried it?  Do you love it as much as I do?  Should I be mocked for not knowing about it sooner??  Let me know what you think!!


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