Social Dilemma - Do you Have a Junk Drawer In Your House?

Some friends came over to the house yesterday for an impromptu dinner.  I had ordered some stuff for them and it just so happened that three of them showed up around the same time, so we ordered pizza and hung out for a bit.   Anyway, as we were talking, one of the women said, I wish I had a hair tie to pull back my hair.  And I said I have one, and she said, don't go upstairs for it, it's not that important.  And I said, no worries, I know I have one in my junk drawer.   She had no idea what I was talking about.  The other two women immediately knew, and I got up and went over to it, and of course, there was a hair tye in there, along with chapstick, and measuring tape, rubber bands, paper clips. screwdriver, bread twist ties, pens, superglue.  You get the idea.   My one friend had never heard of having a junk drawer.  The other two were right there with me.  But she really didn't know the joy of the junk drawer.  Sometimes you find great stuff in your junk drawer.    So I just thought I would bring it up with you.  Doesn't everyone have a junk drawer in the house?  Mine is in the kitchen (though I have a little one in my bedroom too).   What about you?  Do you have a junk drawer and what's the best thing you've ever found in yours?  Or are you like my one friend who does not have one and had never even thought there was such a thing.  Let me know on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.   This is a fun social dilemma.   

Junk drawer


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