Social Dilemma - What Is Grocery Store Etiquette When A New Register Opens?

Today's social dilemma is something that happened to me yesterday after I went to the movies. And I want to know what you think is the proper grocery store etiquette in this situation.  So after the movie, I stopped at one of my local grocery stores to pick up a few items.  The place was packed.   I happened to get there right around the time people would stop on their way home from work.  Okay no problem.  I'm standing in line at the express lane, and there is someone in front of me who had a few more than 20 items.  It's cool, it happens. I wasn't upset.  However, as she's continuing to check out, the register next to me opens up, and the cashier says, I'll take the next customer please.  So I grab my four items and am about to go there, when the two people behind me who each had about 10-15 items ran over to the cashier.   Now I always thought the etiquette was the next person in line gets the new cashier.  Especially since the cashier herself said, I'll take the next customer.  But nope, they went over.  I wasn't super annoyed, but I just thought it was rude of the other two people.  I stayed where I was and I ultimately paid for my stuff and left.  But it got me thinking.  What is the appropriate way to handle that situation.  Should it be the next person in line or should it be the last person in line that gets to go to the new cashier first?   Maybe I was the one who was being rude or selfish for thinking it should have been me.   Let me know what you think on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.

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