Social Dilemma - Is Your Cat Allowed On the Kitchen Table or Counters?

Okay, I wanted to talk about this social dilemma because it happens in my house all the time.  I even took video of it yesterday to prove it.  Here's the deal.  My cat is allowed on the kitchen table.  i tried for a while to make him stop, but the truth is, he's in the house by himself (well, with Leo our pup too) for about six to eight hours a day.  What can I do if he sits on the table when I'm not there?  So I've learned (and my sweetie has too) to just accept it.   Now of course, we clean the table after he's been on it before we eat.  We wash it down with soap and water, but the truth is, it's their house and we just live in it.  I have some friends who are pet owners who put gates on the table to prevent this from happening.  I say that's too much work.  I'm okay with it, and I know it's clean if I'm going to eat on it, and of course, it gets cleaned when friends are coming for dinner.  So I ask you, would you stay away from my house if I invited you for dinner because you know the cat gets on the table?  Or are you okay with it?  No judgement zone here.  Just want to know how you feel. Please let me know on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.



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