What Is Pauley Perrette Going To Do After Leaving NCIS??

Well, we all know that Pauley Perrette is leaving NCIS at the end of this season.  That will come sometime next month.  But what will Pauley be doing after that.  As of right now, she just wants to spend time at home with her pets.  Pauley in an interview with People Magazine, basically said that she's ready to have some time to herself.   She loves the character of Abby, and she still cries over the fact that she's leaving the show, but knows it's the right thing for her to do.  The cool thing is that Pauley has set up a scholarship for young girls who are interested in science, math and forensics because of the character she played on NCIS for all these years.   Pauley isn't in a relationship and she says she's not looking for one.  She really just wants some quiet time with her pets and her friends.  Read more about what she had to say about Abby and her personal life here.  And let me know.  Will you miss Abby on NCIS?  I know I will.

Pauley Perrette


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