Lethal Weapon Could Be Cancelled Because The Star Has Behavior Issues!

Some news broke earlier this week about the TV show Lethal Weapon. Now I really like this show.  But apparently the show is in danger of being cancelled.  Not because the ratings are bad, they're not.  In fact, they're good.  But because apparently one of the stars of the show, Clayne Crawford, who plays Riggs is acting like a diva on set and getting into all kinds of trouble.  Many on set say he makes for a hostile work environment.  That's really too bad because I've always loved the chemistry between him and Damon Wayans who plays Murtaugh.   Well, yesterday, Crawford finally made a statement apologizing for his behavior, but is it too little too late.  We'll have to wait and see what FOX does.  Check out Crawford's statement below.  Does this turn you off to the show?  It kind of does me.

Clayne Crawford


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