Hollywood is Making A TV Series About NXIVM, Keith Rainiere and Alison Mack

Looks like the alleged cult drama that was playing out in our own backyard is going to be make into a TV series.  Annapurna Television is developing a TV series inspired by the group NXIVM.  Westworld actress Shannon Woodward is set to executive produce it.   Now the series will be based on the NY Times article about the group that was written last year.   A lot of people are interested in the story again because of Keith Raniere and Alison Mack's recent arrests.  

NXIVM will also be the subject of an upcoming documentary series, and will also be covered by Elizabeth Vargas on her new A&E show.  

Looks like we're going to be getting a lot of attention here in the Capital District.

Alison Mack

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