ABBA Got Back Together To Record Two New Songs!!!

ABBA recorded two new songs together for the first time in 35 years.  The songs are part of the upcoming tour featuring digital representations of the band.  At least one of the tracks will be unveiled in a tour preview special on NBC in December.

They recorded two songs, including one called "I Still Have Faith in You".

That song will premiere in December . . . in a TV special about ABBA's upcoming AVATAR TOUR, which is a, quote, "groundbreaking venture that will utilize the very latest in digital and virtual-reality technology."

The special is being produced by NBC and the BBC.  It'll air in December.  The other new song might be saved for the actual tour.  For now, there's no indication that they plan to record any other songs.

The special and the tour feature ABBA's four members recreated as computer-generated avatars . . . but they'll be "de-aged" so they look like they did in 1979, when they did their final tour together.  ABBA broke up in 1982.


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