Social Dilemma-Is It Okay To Ask For Cash Only As A Wedding Gift?

Interesting social dilemma this morning.  I didn't think this was such a big deal, but apparently it is.  I, along with my friends, have been invited to a wedding at the end of June.   In the invitation, there was a request that you don't bring presents, but that cash was preferred as a gift.   Now I didn't think this was a big deal at all.  In fact, I thought, great, now I don't have to go through the gift registry and pick out something and all that.  This way I can just put cash in an envelope with a nice card and go enjoy the wedding.   However, some friends of mine thought it was super tacky.  I don't know.  The people who are getting married are in their mid to late 30's.  They really have most of the stuff that you would normally give at a wedding, so why not just ask for cash.   The way they put it was "If you plan on bringing a gift, though none is required other than your presence, please bring cash."  Again, I thought it was fine.   But friends were very very upset.  So I ask you this morning.   What do you think?   I guess this is fairly common these days since people are getting married later and later in life.   So is it okay to ask for cash, or is that tacky?  Let me know what you think on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.  

$100 bill


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