Social Dilemma-Would You Vacation on a Nude Beach if It Was Free?

Interesting social dilemma today that came up because a friend of mine, who has a LOT of confidence, is going on vacation in August and has invited three of her besties to go with her.    I happen to be one of those besties, which is lovely.  She's offered to pay for airfare for all of us, and room and board.  There's just one catch.  The vacation is to a nude beach.   Now unfortunately I can't go because I already planned a vacation in August so there would be no way for me to take more time off that month.  But I would have gone.  One of my other friends is definitely in, and the other is on the fence.  I think it would be interesting and freeing to go to a nude beach.  Of course, since I've never been to one, I first asked my friend what it's like (she has gone several times).  She said there are people of all shapes and sizes, all ages, all ethnic backgrounds and more.  She said no one is embarrassed, and truly no one is looking at you, everyone is just enjoying the freedom of it.   That sounded interesting to me.  I would have tried it.  I'm not sure I would have liked it but the older I get the more I want to try new things.   So what about you?   Would you go to a nude beach on vacation, especially if it was a free vacation.  I'm pretty sure I would.  My one friend is still not so sure. What about you?  Let me know on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page

Nude Beach
nude beach


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