It's Teacher Appreciation Day! Tell Me About Your Favorite Teacher!

I have been blessed in my life to have some really great teachers who not only taught me the subjects they were supposed to teach, but who also gave me direction, helped me achieve my goals, and were caring enough to help me find my way through those difficult adolescent years.   Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day.   Take a minute to think about the teachers that helped you in your life.  I want to say thank you to one of my teachers from 8th grade, Margaret Lynch.  I also want to thank my English teacher from high school, Vivian Tortorici.  They both pushed me in the right direction and taught me that I could achieve any dream if I worked hard.   I find now that I have surrounded myself with wonderful teachers.  Diane DiClementi, Pam Traynor, Bridget Glasser and more.   Teachers are amazing people and deserve much more than a day or a week to appreciate them.   So from the bottom of my heart, thank you to all teachers.  Thank you for all you do everyday.  Thank you for not only teaching but for caring.  Thank you for being surrogate parents, and for spending your own money for school supplies.  You are appreciated though you're not told nearly enough.   Thank you!



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