About Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center

“Discover a roadmap to improve your health and longevity!”

Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center is a imaging center using Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging cameras to map the heat patterns of the human body and identify inflammation and physiological process that cannot be detected with other imaging modalities such as X–Rays, MRIs, and Ultrasound.

Thermography provides a diagnostic tool to detect changes in your body which can indicate early stages of diseases like cancer or other changes and is a radiation free way to help assess a person’s health.Conventional medical technologies such as Blood tests, X-rays and MRIs are typically performed after symptoms appear. The picture offered is often incomplete.

– Thermography is a 100% safe imaging test that can provide a road map to improve a person’s health, wellness and longevity. Thermography is non-invasive and painless, involves no radiation, no contact, is private and FDA Certified.

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