Social Dilemma-Should Baseball Be Cancelled Because of Covid Cases?

Today's TRY Social dilemma came from an email I received last night from Kenny. It's about America's pastime and it's very topical. Here's the email: Hi Jaime. I know you're a big fan of baseball, and I know how excited you were to see it come back, especially with your favs, the Yankees. But after hearing about the 14 players that have contracted Covid on the Miami team, do you still think baseball should go on? I don't. We're only a few days into the season and this has happened. It's only reasonable to think it will continue to happen on other teams as well. We've been debating it here at home and overall, my family thinks they should cancel the season. What do you and your listeners think. Thanks so much Jaime. Have a great day ~ Kenny. Well, Kenny is right. I was very excited about the return of baseball, but this big outbreak makes me think that they should postpone the season. I loved watching the games over the weekend, but no persons health is worth entertainment for us. That's just my take on it. What do you think? Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.

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