Social Dilemma-Is Mowing the Lawn a Guy's Job?

Today's social dilemma came from several different emails I've received over the last couple of weeks. As you know I've been talking about mowing my lawn, and how I got stung by some bees when mowing. That prompted several emails. Here are excerpts from some of them. From Bill: Jaime, why are you mowing your own lawn. I'm not sexist, but a man should be mowing that lawn for you. I hate seeing women mowing the lawn." From Jerry: I'm so sorry you've been having trouble mowing the lawn at your house. Have you thought about hiring a guy to come and mow for you? Then you won't have to deal with the heat or worry about when it's going to get done." From Steve: "I know you're a very independent woman, and that's great, but after hearing how you got stung by bees while mowing your lawn, it made me think all the more that you might want to hire a neighborhood kid to mow for you. They can run faster and recover more quickly if they get stung." Now I know all of these emails have my best interest at heart, but since when is mowing the lawn a guy's job only? I like mowing my lawn, well, except for the getting stung by bees part. But there is real satisfaction in mowing and seeing the fruits of your labor as soon as you're done. Did I miss something somewhere? Are there not a lot of women mowing lawns these days? Is it one of the last jobs that still considered a "Man's job?" I'm truly curious because of all the different emails I received. What do you think? Who mows the lawn in your family? If you're a woman, is it you? Am I really odd person out on this one? Let me know what you think on the TRY Facebook page.