Shawn Mendes Reveals How He Combats His 'Extreme Social Media Addiction'

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Shawn Mendes opened up about his sometimes unhealthy relationship with social media, especially TikTok, while attending the 2021 'We Can Survive' Concert on Saturday (October 23). While the 'Summer of Love' singer was one of the performers for the event, he took some time out to discuss how he cares for his mental health. One important measure the 23-year-old pop star takes is to make sure he gives himself distance from social media from time to time.

“TikTok is great. I have extreme social media addiction, so I have to really balance myself out,” he shared. “I have to delete those apps every now and again.”

Mendes takes occasional breaks from all of his social media apps, however, right now he's giving himself space from one app in particular. He revealed he's on "a TikTok break right now."

Just because he needs to take a break every once in a while, Mendes remains a steadfast fan of TikTok. "When I have it, it’s everything," he raved. "I am a child of Vine. They’re different, TikTok is much more advanced.”

He may be on a break now, but his most recent TikTok post definitely had fans feeling hype. In the post from earlier this month, Mendes teased his upcoming 'Wonder: The World Tour.'

The tour will be in support of Mendes' Wonder album, which debuted back in December 2020 amid the ongoing pandemic. “I sincerely hope you love this album even half as much as I do,” Mendes wrote of the album in a handwritten letter to fans at the time. “Wonder taught me freedom & how to surrender to the magic of art. Songs from the heart & sounds from another time and world. I love you all so much, thank you for the support for so many years."

Shortly after the album's release, Wonder became Mendes’ fourth full-length project to debut atop of the Billboard 200. Among the 22-year-old’s previous works to debut at the top spot include Handwritten (No. 1 in May 2015), Illuminate (No. 1 in October 2016), and his self-titled third studio album (No. 1 in June 2018).

The upcoming 'Wonder: The World Tour' will be Mendes' first time back on the road since 2019. His Netflix documentary In Wonder, which also premiered last year, followed the superstar during his previous world tour.

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