Get Hooked On These 4 New True Crime Podcasts

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Stop me if this sounds familiar: You’re such a huge fan of true crime podcasts that you’ve probably heard every single one there is. When the earbuds are in, people better beware coming up on you unawares because you don’t do well with jump scares and you will fight. Every time something goes missing or has been spilled, you immediately go into CSI mode to figure out whodunit. You have a case file on all of your children. You’re pretty sure that if it came down to it, you could commit the perfect murder – obviously you wouldn’t, but you could. If any of this sounds like you, you’ll be excited to hear about all four of these brand-new true crime podcasts, every one offering the gripping and absorbing storytelling you crave about some fearfully fascinating cold cases, conspiracies, murders, missing persons, and more.

Paula Barros was only 18 years old when a nun at her Catholic school was found murdered, stabbed over 90 times. In a shocking turn of events, the boy who sat in front of her in class, a monk-in-training, confessed and was given 30 years – but that wasn’t the full story. Now Paula and her friend and co-host Melanie Bartley are getting to the bottom of this Sacred Scandal, and there was more under the surface than they bargained for. Chasing the truth from the shores of Miami to the mountains of Ukraine, “we got answers to questions we never even asked…and uncovered even more disturbing things.”

JoAnn Tate and her two young daughters Melissa and Renee were brutally attacked in their home in 1982. JoAnn was killed and her daughters tortured, and the town was ready for vengeance. Melissa identified the killer, an ex-boyfriend of her mom’s named Rodney Lincoln, and he was put away for two life terms – but his daughter was sure he didn’t do it, so she began a mission of her own to prove her dad’s innocence. In 2015, Melissa decides it couldn't have been Rodney after all – so who is The Real Killer? Is he still out there? Is the wrong man in prison? Follow true crime TV writer, director, and producer Leah Rothman as she unravels the entire twisted tale.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was in Memphis, Tennessee speaking in support of the sanitation workers’ strike in April 1968. After his speech, he was waiting to go to dinner with his friend Ralph Abernathy when he was assassinated on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel. James Earl Ray was found and convicted two months later, and that was the end of the story. But now, more and more people are coming forward with evidence that says otherwise. Was Ray innocent, as he claimed for decades? Was Dr. King the victim of a government conspiracy? What really happened that day in Memphis? The MLK Tapes gathers new interviews, eyewitness testimony, and more to lay out a theory of a plot to silence America’s conscience.

M. William Phelps, author and New York Times investigative reporter, knows a lot about true crime; he’s spent 20 years immersed in a world of forensics and fingerprints, cops and crime scenes, the missing and the murdered – and this is our chance to become immersed too. On Crossing the Line, he gets into "all things true crimes," sharing never-before-heard true crime stories, his own experiences investigating the hundreds of cases he’s been involved in, and actual interviews with serial killers. Experts, detectives, and victims’ family members join Phelps and his producer Cristina Everett to find out more about these overlooked and unseen victims.

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