Steven Tyler Becomes 'Besties' With A Kid In Sweet Video

Photo: Getty Images

Steven Tyler spent the day with a family and their kid, Eli, in a sweet video posted to TikTok yesterday (May 8.)

The video was posted by The McLeod Family and shows them having a great time with the Aerosmith singer in what seems to be an arcade. "Today we met a music legend...I grew up with Aerosmith & today I got to watch as Steven Tyler & my disabled son became besties," the family wrote. "Every time I turned around a corner I'd see Steven pushing him in his wheelchair, letting him play the games, or talking to him. Today this incredible human made Eli feel like he was on top of the world. My heart I know Eli will never forget this day."

Tyler is seen crouching down to high-five Eli, feeding him pizza, and wiping his face with a napkin. He pushes him around in his wheelchair and cheers him on while playing games like basketball with him. Eli is seen with a huge smile on his face throughout it all. "Steven Tyler has a heart of gold @AerosmithOfficial We are so blessed to be able to know the Tyler family & truly grateful for their unending kindness ❤️," wrote the family in the caption of the video.

Watch the video below.

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