Social Dilemma - Is Sharing A Bedroom with A Sibling a Good Thing or Not?

My sister and I were talking on the phone last night.  She lives outside of DC.  When we were kids we shared a bedroom.  We were laughing about all the crazy times we had when we shared that room.  Mostly we remembered how mean she was to me....she was the older one.  I would always say good night I love you and she wouldn't say it back.  Now we laugh, at the time it was awful.  However, I always feel that sharing a bedroom when I was a kid helped me to learn to compromise, how to get along better with others and how to handle conflict.  So while we fought, drove each other crazy, stole each others clothes and more, the fact is, that sharing a room with my sibling helped me in my adult life.  I hear a lot of people saying that they could don't want their kids to have to share a room, like it's a bad thing.   You know that kids need their own space, and need to grow at their own pace.  Me, I think it's a good thing.  Plus it saves money.  You don't have to buy a five bedroom house.   So I ask you this morning, did you share a room with your sibling growing up, and do or did your kids share a room?  My nieces shared a room and again, I always thought it was a good thing.  Plus as you get older, you learn to appreciate having alone time when you get it.    What do you think?  Should kids share a bedroom or should they have their own space?

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