Social Dilemma - This Was So Gross To Me - What Would You Have Done?

Our social dilemma today comes to us from Joanne.  I'm kind of grossed out by it.  You'll understand why in a minute.

Hi Jaime.  I know you must get a lot of social dilemmas but I'm really hoping you can read mine this week because this happened over the weekend to me at a local restaurant, and I'm still in shock over it.  I went out to dinner with my husband and my two adult children at a restaurant in Guilderland.   First I should tell you that the restaurant had those kind of tables where there's one big long booth against the wall, and then there are several tables there with chairs on the other side.  So you could very well be sitting fairly closely to someone you don't know.  Usually not a problem.  However on Saturday night or I guess I should say early evening, there was a problem.  We were eating dinner, my husband and I sitting on the booth side and my daughters on the other side.  There was a small empty table next to us, and then after that, there was a young family.  Mom, Dad, four year old and a baby.  I noticed the mom picking up the baby and doing the smell test.  Everyone who's ever changed a diaper has done it.  But then she lays the baby on the booth side and starts changing the poopy diaper.  I have never been more disgusted in my life.  I called the waitress over and she was mortified.  She said she told the manager but he said to leave them alone.  We complained to the manager ourselves but he said all customers were treated equally.  So we paid our bill and left and said we would never return.   So what would you have done in this situation?  Should I try to find the owner and make a complaint.  What would you have done and is there anything I should do now?  I'm still so angry so I would love your help.  So....HELP - Joanne.

Wow, tough one.  I know I wouldn't go back to the restaurant.  But maybe I would have kindly suggested that they go into the bathroom.  I'm not sure.  HELP!  Let's help Joanne out!

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