Social Dilemma-Who Makes the Final Parenting Decision?

This is such an interesting email.  And I think it's probably something a lot of us have dealt with over the years.  It has to do with parenting and what's more important.  Check it out!

Hi Jaime.  I'm in a tough position and I'm hoping your opinion and your callers opinions will help sway m y husband.  Here's what's happening.  Freshman homecoming dance is on Saturday, and I feel so bad for my 15-year-old daughter Valerie! She has a soccer game on Saturday at 3p... an hour away in another city and her dad (my ex husband) won't let her miss the game because we spend so much money for her to play soccer. Has he ever thought about the fact that she will never get that day back? Going to homecoming Saturday night is important! She will have plenty of time to play soccer. This is supposed to be a special time for her and he's taking it away! I feel so helpless right now. What can I do to convince him to skip the soccer game and go to homecoming instead? Thank you so much Jaime.   Bonnie

Wow Bonnie, that's so tough.  I understand how your ex feels.  Sports are so expensive these days and I think kids need to learn that once you commit to something, you have to stick with it at least for the season.  On the other hand, you're right, homecoming sometimes ends up being a once-in-a-lifetime kind of night.  I would say let her miss the one game and go to homecoming, as long as she understands this is a one time only kind of deal.  What do you think?  Let's help Bonnie and her daughter out

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