Social Dilemma - Should You Get Your Wedding Gift Back If This Happens?

Today's Social Dilemma actually came out of a conversation we had here at work yesterday.  Several of us were talking about going to weddings.  It turned out that a bunch of us had gone to different weddings over the past two weeks.  Anyway, one person who we were talking with, Mike, said he went to a wedding six months ago, gave a gift that cost about $180 and then the couple got divorced after five months of marriage.  He was pretty ticked off that he spent that much because the couple got divorced so soon after the wedding.  So then we started asking the question. Should there be some kind of contract with the couple that they must stay married for at least a year to keep all the gifts?  Seriously.  I remember giving $200 to a couple and they got divorced in eight months and I wanted my money back. Not because I'm selfish but because it was a wedding gift, and clearly the wedding didn't last.  Mike said he wanted his gift back too.  It only seemed fair.  So we all decided I should use it as our social dilemma today, so here it is.  Should a couple have a contract with their wedding guests that basically says if the marriage lasts less than a year, all guests get their gifts back?  I think it's a fair point.  What do you think?  Have you ever given a gift to a couple and they've gotten divorced not long after?   

Divorce Petition Form

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