Social Dilemma - Is This Considered Child Abuse?

Today's Social Dilemma is is a tough one, and pretty serious too.

Hi Jaime, I know sometimes your social dilemmas are fun, but mine is serious and I'm hoping you'll read this on the air because my husband thinks I'm totally wrong, but I think I'm right.  It has to do with our son, who is four years old.  I heard you talking about disciplining kids today by washing their mouth out with soap, but I have a different discipline dilemma.  When it comes to disciplining my son, I think that spanking is the way to go.  I was spanked when I grew up and I turned out fine, so I think it's an appropriate punishment.  My husband on the other hand thinks that spanking doesn't teach our son anything, and that having him sit off in a corner or in his room to think about what he has done is a better way to handle the situation.  I think that's going too easy on him.  I would really appreciate hearing what others have to say because I can't believe that others don't spank their children.  We'll be listening.  Thank you Jaime - Kate

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