Social Dilemma - Should Adults Dress Up for Halloween?

Well, today's social dilemma is certainly interesting.   I look forward to hearing what you think of it.   It comes from Jerry

Hey Jaime.  Love listening to your show and your social dilemmas.  I have one.  My wife and I continue to argue about this every October, and maybe you can help convince her for me that I'm right.   She loves to dress up for Halloween.  Usually she makes a costume for herself and for me, but I won't wear it.  She says it's fun and with everything going on in the world, why not take the opportunity to be silly one day a year.  I say dressing up is for kids.   I don't mind decorating the house a bit, getting pumpkins and stuff, but we don't have any children and I don't thing we should dress up.  I think she's crazy for wanting to do it and for dragging me along.   I don't want to dress up this year at all.  She wants us to dress like Wonder Woman and Batman.   Please don't make me put on a cape.   Don't you think dressing up should end when you're 17???  I do.   My wife says I'm wrong.  What do you think?   Thanks so much ~ Jerry

Well, you know me, I'm a big kid so I say dress up all you want!  But I don't think she should make Jerry dress up if he doesn't want to.   What do you think?  Should Halloween be left for the kids only?  


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