Social Dilemma - Do You Leave a Tip for the Maid at a Motel?

I thought this was just a given, but apparently not, at least according to Connie, who emailed me this social dilemma.  

Hi Jaime.  I listen to your social dilemma all the time, and I wanted to weigh in with one of my own.  My friends and I go away together a couple of times a year.  When we stay at hotels, the friend I room with always wants to leave the maid a tip.  I told her people don't do that anymore and it's not necessary, but she still wants to leave money.  It makes me crazy, because I don't like to be wasteful with my money.   We never see the maid and she or he is just doing their job, so I don't think I should have to tip.  It might even be insulting to them to get one.  Anyway, I thought you could use this as a social dilemma.  Do you know anyone that still leaves a tip for the maid at a hotel? Thanks a lot Jaime, really appreciate it - Connie

I always leave a tip for the maid at a hotel or motel.  I didn't know that you didn't have to do that anymore.  I figure they have to pick up my dirty towels and change the sheets etc, they deserve a tip from me.   Are you not supposed to leave a tip anymore?   I wouldn't feel right not leaving a tip.  So what about you?  Do you leave a tip for the maid at a hotel/motel?

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