Social Dilemma - Do You and Your Honey Sleep in Separate Beds?

Any social dilemma that has to do with sleeping is alright by me :)

Hey Jaime, my name is Sheila, and I think I have a good social dilemma for you.  Every time my husband and I bring this up, it always ends up in interesting conversations.  My husband and I sleep in separate beds.  It's not because we're fighting or don't get along, it's because I sleep better this way, and so does he.  We have two separate bedrooms and find that it's just easier especially since we have very different schedules during the week.  He works during the day and I often work night shifts at the hospital (I'm a nurse).  There's nothing to it other than convenience but whenever we talk about it, people assume we're having problems, that we don't get along, that we are not intimate, but none of those things are true.  We just don't happen to sleep in the same bed.  I'm curious if other people do this.  I hope this qualifies as a social dilemma.  Love listening to you everyday.  Thanks very much - Sheila.

Well, I can tell you that me and my sweetie sleep in separate beds as well, for the same exact reason.  The hours we work are off and it would only wake one or the other of us up every single night if we slept in the same bed, so we sleep in separate beds.  It works for us too.   What about you?  Do you sleep in separate beds?  Could you ever sleep in separate beds?  Do you think it means something is wrong in the relationship?  

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