Social Dilemma - Is It Okay To Sing in the SuperMarket

I do this ALL the time and I always get looks but I don't care.  Apparently Nancy does too.  Check out this email.  I love it.

Hi Jaime.  First I want to say that we love listening to you everyday.  Especially the flashbacks and your social dilemmas.  I wanted to bring this up because it's something my kids always laugh at me for doing, but I thought Jaime must do this too.  And it can't just be the two of us.  Anyway, here it is.  You know when you go shopping at Price Chopper, Hannaford or Shop-Rite, they always have music playing.  And it's always the music that you play.  Well, when I'm shopping, I sing along. And I'm not quiet about it.  I like to sing, it makes me happy so I go for it.  Well, my kids are always so embarrassed by me when I do it.  They want to go into the next aisle to get away from me.  But I told them I bet Jaime does it and I bet other people do it to.  So I ask you, do you sing in the supermarket?  I can't be alone.  Help me show my kids that we're the cool ones.  Thanks Jaime, Love your show. ~ Nancy

I admit it.  I sing all the time no matter where I am.  Supermarket, Walmart, Target, you name it, if there's music playing, I'm singing, so I think you're all good.  What about you?  Do you do it too?

Jaime in the Morning!

Jaime in the Morning!

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