Social Dilemma - Is It Okay to Ask Guests to Bring Food on Thanksgiving?

Interesting social dilemma considering that Thanksgiving is two weeks from today.  Check it out.

Hi Jaime.  My name is Karen, and I'm having a bit of a Thanksgiving problem and I was hoping you could talk about it as one of your social dilemmas.  For Thanksgiving, my family, and by family I mean brothers, sisters, my dad, all the kids, which is 16 all together, we always go to my one sisters house for Thanksgiving.  We've been doing this ever since my mom passed 12 years ago.  We always go and have a nice time.  We hang out most of the day, and then we head home.  My brother even comes in from out of town, which is great.  Well, this year, my sister decided that she didn't want to have to do everything.  So she's asking each of the siblings to bring a side dish.  My sister will still cook the turkey.  I can't lie, I'm a little annoyed by this.  She's always been in charge of Thanksgiving, and she always does a great job.  I fear our tradition is being ruined by everyone bringing different dishes.  What if they don't taste right, what if someone brings the wrong thing.  I just feel like it won't be the same.  I've offered to go to her house early to help her cook but she said, no, she just wants to have a minute to not be cooking all morning long.  What do you think Jaime.  Will this ruin our family tradition.  Do you think it's okay for her to change the rules without even consulting us?  I hope you can use this question.  Thank you Jaime. - Karen

I think the tradition is having the family together, not the food, so I think it's all good.  What about you?

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