Social Dilemma - Should You Tell A Friend They Have Bad Breath?

Interesting social dilemma, and for me the answer is an absolute yes.  Here's the email I received

Hi Jaime, my name is Carrie.  I think I have a social dilemma for you to use on the radio.  Do you think a friend should tell you if you have bad breath?  The reason I ask is this.  The other day, I was about to see my husband for the first time in a week (he was away on business), so before I left work to pick him up a the airport, I asked my friend and coworker if I had bad breath.  She said no.  Great, I went on my way to the airport and picked up my husband.  Of course, as soon as kissed him hello and told him how much I missed him, he told me to pop a tic tac in my mouth.  Now we have that kind of relationship, we've been together for 14 years, and we laughed about it, but I wish he didn't have to tell me that.  I wish my friend had just answered honestly when I asked her.  I'm sure she was trying to spare my feelings, but I wouldn't have been hurt, I wanted to know.  I think it's just like if you have food in your teeth. Your friends should always let you know.  I think bad breath is the exact same thing.  Even if I didn't ask, I would want a friend to tell me that.  So the social dilemma is Do you think it's okay for a friend to tell you you have bad breath.  I think so absolutely.  I'm curious to hear what other think.  Thanks so much Jaime.  

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