Thank You David For Being My First Love-David Cassidy Has Passed Away

I have to admit, I was a little bit heartbroken this morning when I woke up to the news that former teen  idol David Cassidy had passed away.  Mainly because I felt like a piece of my childhood had crumbled away when I read the news.  My sisters and I were big David Cassidy fans.  I went through my teenybopper stage very young because my sisters who were older than me were going through it so I jumped in too.  That didn't stop me from loving David Cassidy with every ounce of my childhood body.  I was going to marry him.  The first concert I saw was David at SPAC in 1971.  We would wait patiently, my sisters and I, until Friday night at 8:30 when the Partridge Family came on.  This was pre-VCR's, or DVR's or TiVo's.  You had to watch when it was on or you missed it.  And we NEVER missed it.    I had a framed picture of David hanging on my bedroom wall.  I would say goodnight to him each and every night.  Of course, time goes by, you grow up and my love for David wained, but you never forget how you felt about your first love.  When I became an adult and got into radio, David had a new song out called Lyin' to Myself.  It actually was a hit in the early 90's.  David was coming to the radio station I worked for. Suddenly I was an eight year old child again.  My coworkers mocked me for my excitement, but somehow those feelings of when you were a kid never go away.  I met David that day.  He was nice enough but the truth is, no one could have lived up to what my childhood mind had built up.  He was very sweet and signed my old pictures and off he went.   

A few years later, we had David back again to the radio station.  At that point, he was battling alcoholism.  He was nice but there was an edge.  Still he did his best to be kind to folks.  He gave us a private performance of some old Partridge tunes, and then went out on stage and gave his all to those who were there.  

The last time I saw David was up in Saratoga.  He was there I'm sure to go to the track, but we both happened to be eating in the same restaurant.  I waited until he was done with dinner and as he was getting up to leave, I re-introduced myself to him  He was kind, cordial, and said he'd love to come back to the radio station again.  Of course, he never did.

David had his share of problems, but the truth is, in my mind, he's still 21 and I'm eight years old and he's going to be the man I marry.  And that's okay by me.  Godspeed David.  I hope your demons have left you and you are now at peace.

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