Social Dilemma - If You Visit Family Or Friends, Should They Put You Up?

Okay, this social dilemma resonates with me because last year it happened to me.  I received this email from Carla.  Hi Jaime, I have a real social dilemma and I would love to know what you think about this.  Some of my friends think I'm being selfish, but i honestly think I'm right.  Here's what happened.  My dad invited my family to Colorado for a ski trip right before Christmas. The airfare was expensive so we were planning on staying with my Dad. Well he informs me now that we can't stay with him for a variety of reasons and now I'm ticked off. It's going to be $1000 for hotel stays that I wasn't anticipating.   Don't you think that if family invites you to come see them that they should be putting you up?  I know there's nothing I can do about this, but I'm just looking for some validation.  What do you think.  Thanks Jaime. Merry Christmas - Carla

Well Carla, this is interesting because it happened to me a few years ago.  My sister who lives in DC invited me down after the holidays.  I thought it would be a fun inexpensive trip, but found out a few days ahead of time that she couldn't put me up at her house because she had other friends drop in for the holidays.  So I was out some money paying for a hotel room.  We got over it, but initially I was ticked off too, and she did apologize so I think yes, if someone invites you out, especially family, it's expected that you will stay at their home.  Do you think that's how it should be?  Or do you think that you should always expect to get a hotel.  

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