Social Dilemma - Have You Ever Fallen Asleep at a Concert?

This is a fun social dilemma.  This conversation came about yesterday due to this video that is circulating right now of a woman who screams awake while at a classical concert.  It's so funny to hear her scream that you can see even the conductor and the musicians are laughing.  So we started talking here in the office.  Have you ever fallen asleep at a concert.  I have to be honest.  I have fallen asleep at several concerts.  Not because they're boring or anything like that, but mainly because when I'm tired, I can fall asleep anywhere.  I can remember after working for 14 straight days, and they were 12 hour days, I went to see Heart at SPAC.  This is about 20 years ago.  I LOVE Heart, but I was just so tired that after the second song, I was out like a light.   My friends kept waking me, but the truth was at that point, sleep was more important than Heart so i slept through most of the show.  I've also fallen asleep at shows I thought were boring.  My sweetie dragged me to a Pat Metheny show once and within ten minutes I was out like a light.  That lead to a fight or two.  Some of my coworkers said they've never fallen asleep at a show.  So today I ask you.  Have you ever fallen asleep at a concert, or a performance?  I can't be the only one who can fall asleep anywhere.  Or do you think it's crazy that I can actually fall asleep in that kind of atmosphere.  Let me know and if you did fall asleep, I want to know what show it was!  Let's have some fun this morning!

Jaime in the Morning!

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