Social Dilemma - Is It Okay to Check your Receipt in Front of the Cashier?

Today's social dilemma happened to me yesterday and I have never had it happen before. It wasn't a big deal but I was surprised by it and I wanted to know what you thought. I went shopping to pick up some groceries that I needed. I went to a store I don't usually go to which is relevant to the story. Anyway, I'm checking out, and the woman hands me my receipt, and as I always do, I pull my cart and stuff off to the side to start checking the receipt. I usually just do a quick once-over to make sure it's okay. Most of the time it is, but I have found mistakes, some that have caused me to pay too much, some that have caused me to pay too little. Anyway, as I'm doing it, the cashier turns to me (there was no one else in her lane), and asks what I'm doing. And I said, "Oh I'm just giving the receipt a look", and she said in a very nasty voice, "do you think I made a mistake". I explained that I didn't but that everyone makes mistakes which is why I always check. I may have forgotten to tell you something was under my cart or you may have rang something up wrong. She got so angry at me. She said you'll find no mistake because I don't make them. I've been working here for 13 years and I don't make mistakes. I thought I could get into it with her, but I just walked away. What would you have done?  Would you have told her supervisor?  Should I have?  

Jaime in the Morning!

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