Social Dilemma - Do You Leave Your Car Running At Quick Stop Stores?

Interesting social dilemma today because I do this every single morning on my way into work.  It comes from Donna, who says she fights with her husband about it all the time.  Here's the email I received.

Hi Jaime.  My name is Donna and my husband and I love listening to your social dilemma everyday.  We have one for you because it's something we fight about ALL the time.  Whenever we stop at a conveniece store like Cumberland Farms or Stewarts, my husband leaves the car running while he goes in to get whatever he needs.  This drives me crazy.  When I do it, I always turn the car off, lock it and then go in.  I don't think you should ever leave the car running when you're not in it.  Please help us settle this argument.  I doubt he'll change his ways, but I look forward to having him hear what everyone has to say because I think most people will agree with me.   Thanks so much Jaime.  Keep up the good work - Donna

Well, Donna might be disappointed in me.  Every morning on my way into work, I stop at either a Mobil on the Run or Cumberland Farms to get my soda, and I admit it, I leave my car running.  I'm no proud of it and I'm not even saying it's the right thing, but I do it.   The only time I don't do it is when I know I'm going to be in the store for more than a minute, if I need more groceries or something like that.  But otherwise, yeah I leave it running.  So, are we wrong, Donna's husband and I?  What do you do?  Do you always turn it off and then go in, or do you leave it running.  And remember we're talking convenience stores, not the real grocery store.   Please let me know what you think!

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