Social Dilemma-Do You Have To Do Yard Work If Your Spouse is Doing It?

Today's social dilemma came in this morning about 6:15, after I had talked about mowing the lawn yesterday.  I thought it was interesting because it's an issue that comes up in my house all the time, and I know I have friends who argue about this too.   This is the email I received.  

Hi Jaime.  I just heard you talking about how you mowed part of your lawn yesterday and how you plan to finish it today.  That's great!  I also mowed my lawn yesterday.  The whole thing.  I felt very proud of myself when I was done.  Last night my husband came home and said something like I saw that you mowed the lawn, that's great, because now it will be easier for us to work outside this weekend.   I thought he was joking but he wasn't.  He really wants me to work outside this weekend.  I told him, I already mowed the lawn, that was my working outside for the week.  If you want to do other stuff, go right ahead, but I already did my part.   He got mad at me and said we both should be doing the work.  I told him I did my part already.   Plus, I hate doing yard work, so I'm happy to do everything inside the house, and he can do everything outside, with the exception of mowing.  I'm like you, I like to mow.  So I thought you could ask this as your social dilemma.  Do you think I should I have to go out and do yard work this weekend or am I done?  I can't wait to hear what you and others think.  Thanks Jaime.  You rock! ~ Deena.   

This is so funny because I used to have this fight all the time too.  But not anymore.  See, I don't like doing yard work.  I'm like Deena, I just like to mow.  So after about three years of fights, we have finally come to a truce in my house.  I clean the inside of the house, but I don't have to do any yardwork.  It's just not my jam.   I don't enjoy it and it's not that important to me.   So I say no, you shouldn't have to do it at all.  I can't wait to hear what you think.  Please let me know on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.

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