Social Dilemma-Who Gets The Leftovers on A Date?

Okay, today's social dilemma happened to my friend Cyndi over the weekend.  Cyndi is divorced and dating.  She belongs to a dating app and has been going out with different guys, usually just for dinner or drinks, and while most of them have been nice, they've all agreed it hasn't been a match, though she's now friends with a couple of them which is really nice.  However, this past weekend she went out with a guy and was shocked how it turned out.  The way the app works that she belongs to in terms of dating is that if you ask the person out, you're expected to pay for drinks or dinner.  So if you ask the man out, you pay, if he asks you out, he pays.  Sounds good to me and very fair.  Well, she was out to dinner with this man who shall remain nameless and it was pretty clear to both of them that this was not going to turn into a second date.  So at the end of dinner, which was very short, he told the waitress to wrap the leftovers.   The waitress asked if they needed two bags for the two different meals, and he said no, one bag would do.   Cyndi didn't understand and asked why only one bag, and he said, "Well I bought the food.  I bought you dinner to eat with me!  I am not buying you a meal to take home!"  Cyndi couldn't believe it.    Neither could I.  So I ask you.  Who gets the rights to leftovers when you go out on a date.  I always thought you took home your own meal.  Plus I wouldn't want someone else's meal.  Apparently he felt differently.  What do you think?  Let me know on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.  

Jaime in the Morning!

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