Social Dilemma-Do You Rinse Dishes Before Putting Them In The Dishwasher

Today's social dilemma came out of a small argument that happened at my house yesterday.   Now maybe argument is a strong word, but we disagreed about this, and I was the lone person on my side of this argument.   So here's the deal. As I told you earlier, yesterday I had some friends over for a small bbq in the backyard.  There were about seven of us.   We had a lovely time hanging out, grilling, etc.   But then it was time for cleanup.  I forgot to buy paper plates for this bbq, so instead I used some plastic dishes I have for this kind of occasion.  So we're all bringing things in from outside and one friend of mine, Tracy, starts to load the dishwasher.  Let me say that it was very kind of her to do that.  However, she wasn't rinsing the dishes before she put them in.   So I very kindly stopped her and said thank you but that they had to be rinsed before they went into the dishwasher.  She and several others laughed at me because they said that was the old school way of thinking and that if you had a dishwasher that was less than 10 years old, you don't have to rinse.  I said, I know from experience you do.  They didn't buy it and said it was part of my cleanliness OCD, which I admit I have, but this time I know I'm right.    So simple dilemma this morning, do you rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.  I always do, and I believe I'm right on this.   Or do you agree with my friends who are still laughing this morning.  Please let me know what you think on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.  

Jaime in the Morning!

Jaime in the Morning!

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