Social Dilemma-If You Nick a Car In A Big Parking Lot, Do You Leave a Note?

Today's social dilemma came from an email I received.   Check it out.

Hi Jaime! My name is Alice and I’m having my own social dilemma right now so I thought I’d get your opinion on it.   Last night I was going to pick up some pizza at a mall near my  house and when I pulled into a parking spot I nicked the car next to me with my bumper. It was weird because I couldn’t figure out how it happened. Then when I got out of the car I noticed that the car I hit was parked over the line diagonally, which I why I misjudged the turn.  I scratched the car a little but to be honest my car was way worse. I didn’t leave a note because they were way out of their parking spot. Do you think I should have left a note with my info?  I am feeling a little guilty but I don't think I should be.  I think because they were wrong to park out of the lines, it wasn't my fault.  What would you have done?  Thanks so much Jaime.   Love your show! - Alice.

While I would have been really ticked off at the guy for parking over the line, I still would have left a note because it was me who hit the car.   What would you have done?  

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