Social Dilemma-What Would You Do If a Cashier Was Really Rude to You?

Today's social dilemma happened to me yesterday when I went out to buy my flowers and veges to plant.  I went to a garden store that I've been going to for year.   I always like going there because they always have what I want, it's usually a good price, and I can get everything in one quick trip.  Anyway, I got my little wagon and picked up all my flowers and veges that I was then going home to plant, but I needed more potting soil.  So I go up to the register, and now keep in mind, I'm buying about four bucks worth of plants, and I said I need some potting soil, but I need a big bag, and unfortunately, I have a bad back, can someone please put it in my car for me.  And she snaps back with, just use the wagon you have right now with the plants on it.  And I said, yes, I can get it to my car, I just can't lift it into my car, so can someone please help me do that.    And she said, I'm sorry, we're too busy, we don't have time to help every single person who wants something brought to their car.   I just looked at her.  I couldn't believe it. I was kind of in shock.  So I asked to see the manager, and she said she was the manager.   Again in shock.    I've been going to this place for years and never been treated like this.   So I said if no one can help me get my potting soil to my car, I'll just leave these plants here and go to the nursery down the road.   And then wait for it, she said, "are you really going to be a child about this?"    That was it.  I just put everything down I had and walked out.   I couldn't believe it.  I really couldn't.  I left with her yelling after me, and then I went to the nursery down the road, paid a little bit more for my stuff but it was worth it for the good customer service I received.     So what would you have done in this situation?  Was I unreasonable to ask for help?  Should I have just bought my plants and got the potting soil elsewhere?  What would you have done?  Please let me know on the 98-3 TRY facebook page.  

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