SD-If You Buy Tires For Your Kid Without Permission,Should She Have to Pay?

Our new intern Morgan is here in Albany for the summer doing her internship before she heads back to Ithaca to start a new job in September.   While she has been here, her dad noticed her car had a flat.  He took the car into to see if the tire could be patched, but after looking everything over, the tire guy said she needed four new tires.  Morgan's dad spent a little over $500 to get her a new set of tires but he NEVER mentioned anything to her while this was going on.  He didn't consult her at all and made the decision himself.  When he told Morgan that she could pay him back after she got her first couple of paychecks in September and October.  Morgan and I think her dad was wrong to do this without consulting her, so she shouldn't have to pay.  Her dad says she would have had to change the tires anyway, so he did a good deed, and she should pay him back.     We think he overstepped his bounderies a little bit.   What do you think?  Should Morgan have to pay him back, or should it just be a gift from her dad since he never even asked her.   I say it should be be a gift, or half price at the most.    Morgan says gift all the way.  What about you?  Let me know on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.  

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